To get the most out of a trade show, you need to optimize visitor traffic. However, to make the most of this investment, you need to prepare well in advance.

Pre-show communication

While the show organizer is responsible for selling space and attracting visitors, exhibitors need to generate qualified traffic to their stands. Depending on the theme and size of the show, you can either invite your customers, prospects and partners en masse, or segment your invitation file.

Opt for a strategic location

The visibility of your stand at the show depends on its location. Give priority to high-traffic areas such as entrances, corners and neighboring locomotive stands. Original wrapping and signage are also essential.

How can you attract visitors to your stand and make the most of your investment?

Keep the stand animated

Create events throughout the show to keep your stand constantly animated. A demonstration, a meeting with company executives, a fun area... the choice is wide.

Participate in events to raise your profile

By volunteering to take part in trade show events, your company can encourage professional exchanges. For example, taking part in a debate with some of your staff will help you to raise your profile.

Attract more people with a competition

Plan a competition to attract a large audience to your stand. At the same time, this technique allows you to collect information from the entries, so you can build up your database of prospective customers. Be careful, however, to allow for a fairly substantial budget when opting for a competition.

And after the show...

At the end of the show, leverage your booth traffic with marketing strategies. Gather as much information about your prospects as possible during the show. After the show, you have a maximum of three weeks to get back in touch with your prospects; otherwise, your investment in the show will be wasted.

Kiomda customer feedback

Kiomda systems are often used to accurately assess visitor numbers when the show is free and open to the general public. In this case, the organizer's objective is to prove the number of visitors in order to convince new prospects to attend the show.

It's the show organizer's job to guarantee a regular, qualified flow of visitors to the stands. On the other hand, it's the quality of the stand, the products on offer and, above all, the human touch that will generate contacts and commercial success in the weeks following the show.


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