Monitoring tourist numbers

A simple, autonomous, connected and economical solution for counting your visitors and monitoring your seasonal traffic.
Available for rental or purchase. Local manufacture, after-sales service and repairs included in the service.

Get key figures
and factual data

  • Provide reliable figures to demonstrate attractiveness
  • Respect people gauges by channelling flows
  • A better understanding of public arrivals by day, time slot and point of entry
  • Compare year-on-year figures with benchmark data
  • Knowing the attendance peaks to better plan the next edition
  • Distribute a numerical presentation without extra work

Counting in 5 steps


Defining your needs

Fill in the quotation form to describe your needs. We'll contact you to clarify your request and offer you a reliable technical response. You'll receive a quotation with a guide tailored to your needs.


Fast shipping

Once we have received your signed quotation, we prepare the equipment. The sensors are parameterized, tested and shipped by parcel post a few days before the start date of the count. As soon as we receive them, they're up and running.


Installs in 2 mins

You install the sensor(s) in the field in just 2 minutes. An accompanying manual explains where to place the units to ensure reliable counting (avoid stagnation of the public, check the correct counting width, etc.).


Data visualization

During the automatic count period, you can access count data in real time on your smartphone. This makes it easy to share your figures and check that the counting system is working properly.


Data processing

In addition to visualizing counts on smartphones, Kiomda provides its customers with detailed count reports (key figures, visitors per day/week/time slot/quarter-hour/per sensor, ratio of working day/weekend, etc.). )


Our counting system

Kiomda boxes use digital thermal detectors placed in the focal plane of a Fresnel lens.

When people pass in front of the sensor beam, they concentrate infrared heat radiation. A patented stereoscopic algorithm then counts reliably and robustly in both directions.

  • Counting width per sensor: 1 to 4 metres
  • Water resistance: IP68
  • Accuracy: +/- 10% for passages of 3 metres
  • Detection of passage direction
  • Total autonomy ( >12 months)
  • 100% wireless
  • Automatic transmission of counts to a smartphone application
  • Reports on visitor numbers and flow analysis
  • Quick & easy attachment for Vauban barriers or studs
  • Option: Vehicle counting (especially in parking lots)

Our different offers

Temporary, seasonal or permanent installation possible


Ideal for year-on-year comparisons
  • To obtain a quotation
    adapted to your needs, please contact us at


1 DAY to 12 MONTHS
Rent your sensors from €500 excluding VAT
  • Ideal for events and trade fairs

Our Autonomous and Connected Sensors

Temporary, seasonal or permanent installations


Ideal for year-on-year comparisons
  • For a price quote tailored to your needs, please contact us at


1 DAY to 12 MONTHS
Rent your sensors from €500 excluding VAT
  • Ideal for events

Automatic or customized detailed reports

  • Key figures for your event
  • Analyze your visits by day, hour or quarter-hour
  • Differentiate behavior by day and access point
  • To be able to quickly distribute a presentation with figures without any additional work

Counting case studies

Urban lighting - Metering on a bridge

When urban lighting becomes obsolete and partly out of use, it is legitimate for elected officials to check its usefulness for pedestrians and cyclists before investing in a possible refurbishment. This was the case for the Pont de l'Etoile in Niort. The city's technical services therefore rented 2 counting plots to quantify night-time pedestrian traffic for one month. At the end of the month's rental, the plots were easily uninstalled and shipped back. Daily night-time count data per quarter-hour were transmitted in CSV format. This information will be used to determine whether the lighting can be removed without significant risk to pedestrians.

Downtown entertainment

What influence do Christmas events have on the number of visitors to town centers? For the Lannion merchants' association, the organization of the Christmas market and animations is the 'flagship' event of the year, and over €20,000 is regularly invested in it. A partnership took place in 2018 to equip the 4 main access points to the city center with temporary pedestrian counters. Nearly 160,000 people visited the city center during the Christmas vacations, with a peak of 15,000 recorded on Saturday December 22. In comparison, the sales weeks that followed attracted half as many people.

Creation of a new mixed pedestrian/bicycle lane

The Vélomaritime is a cycle route that allows cyclists to discover the seaside from Dunkirk to Roscoff. Every year, new investments are made to improve safety and the cycling experience. In 2020, a mixed pedestrian/bicycle lane was completed at a cost of €195,000. A Kiomda box has been installed for 4 months to count summer traffic on this new greenway. The unit is autonomous, non-intrusive and connected. It was therefore quick and easy to install. The counts obtained will be used to justify the investment to elected representatives.

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